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Basement Remodeling Ideas to Maximize the Living Space in Your Lower Level

BBB Summary: Homeowners are in a bind these days. They need increased living space, but they feel stuck in their homes with real estate prices so low. There are lots of ways to solve this problem with a basement remodeling or basement finishing project. Here are five solid ideas for getting the most out of the space in your lower level.

Living space is at a premium these days. With the poor housing market, most people are choosing to stay in their present homes rather than upgrade to a newer and bigger one. Still, life continues, and with it the need for more space. For many, this makes basement remodeling (or at the very least basement finishing) a must.

There are several creative ways that a basement renovation can turn the unused space in your lower level into prime living area. Here are five suggestions for your basement remodeling or finishing project:

Home Office
More and more people are starting home businesses these days. Also, many corporate employees work from home for part or all of the week. Those who are in this situation know that the biggest challenge to having a home office is being distracted by everything else that's going on in the house. A basement renovation into a home office is a perfect solution. It separates the office from the rest of the house and provides the privacy needed to get your work done.

Exercise Room
Today, we are more health-conscious than ever before. Still, many of us are not quite motivated enough to leave the house and go to the gym regularly. An exercise room is the perfect basement remodeling project for those who need a little extra kick to get themselves into a regular workout routine.

Extra Bedroom
Expecting a new addition to the family? Well, you may not want to put your newborn in the lower level and away from Mom and Dad. But one of the other kids may love the privacy of a new bedroom downstairs. If you've been putting off developing your lower level, this may be the excuse to start a basement finishing project.

Home Theatre and Games
If you have a larger than usual lower level, then is may be perfect for a game room with a home theatre and entertainment system. You may require a more extensive basement renovation, but it would be well worth it. Imagine the privacy of having the downstairs all to yourself when you want to have the guys over to watch the big game or shoot some pool. Basement remodeling never sounded so good.

If you don't have the budget for a larger basement renovation, then a workshop downstairs might be the ticket. In fact, you would only need to do a small amount of basement finishing, and you will have your own shop to work on your latest building project away from all the distractions upstairs.

One word of caution, before you start any basement remodeling project, make sure your lower level is waterproofed. The last thing you need is your new office or entertainment center flooded out when the next big storm hits. Talk with a basement waterproofing specialist to make sure all potential trouble areas are addressed and you are clear to go ahead with your basement renovation project.

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