Basement Waterproofing Resurces

Learn the Many Disasters Basement Sealing Can Prevent

BBB Basement sealing is one of those small details that it's easy to overlook when you're moving into or renovating a home -- and yet, skipping that seemingly-minor step can cause problems ranging from the annoying to the disastrous. Water damage to your foundation is one of the most insidious foes of every homeowner.

If left unaddressed during a rainy season, it can ruin a home completely! In order to keep your home safe, you should get professional basement sealing done every time you make any significant changes to your home.

The basement sealing company you hire will go over every square foot of your lower level. They will waterproof every surface, and here's why:

Water can cause discoloring of concrete, tile, stone, or brick. It's not a huge problem, but it is both ugly and entirely avoidable. If you ever sell your home, discoloration in the basement is one of the things that will send any home inspector back to the buyer with a big fat "NO" in his hand, as well.

Of course, any organic material that the seeping water gets into or onto will begin to rot. This often shows up in organic carpets, curtains, or the skirts of furniture. Not only does this cause foul odors and force you to replace said items, but it's a sure lead-in to the next problem.

Mold and Mildew
Mold will grow on almost any surface that is continually damp, and seeping water often presents mold with a perfect place to grow. Mold is not only gruesome to behold, but it can have serious health effects as well.

Even the slightest crack in your foundation -- just a hair's breadth beyond what it takes for water to get in -- will also let in arachnids and insects, the most dangerous of which is the termite. Once a few termites work their way in and find the delicious dry wood inside your walls, you're in for an expensive repair job -- an expense that could easily have been avoided with a simple basement sealing, or if the crack is slightly larger, a minor foundation repair.

Shifting Foundation
This is the kingpin of water damage. Anyone who has ever gone house shopping and found a room that is distinctly tilted -- or worse, cracked in half -- is witnessing the effects of water damage on the foundation of a home. Foundation repair is a very expensive and time-consuming process, so much so that a small percentage of homeowners who end up with this kind of damage find it easier to sell the house and move than to deal with it.

Flooded Basement
Generally, a flooded basement is the endgame of a water leak. Also, it's far more common than most people think, especially during rainy reasons. Of course, by the time you've got a flooded basement, you need an emergency-response plumber as well as someone to get your foundation repaired and a good basement sealing performed.

Wait too long to address that tiny stain on your concrete today, and you could be staring down the barrel of hundreds of thousands of dollars in flood damage, termites, toxic mold, and a cracked foundation. Avoid the expense of a flooded basement or a foundation repair, and get a professional basement sealing done today.


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